Marco Gomez (Executive Producer, Director) has produced and directed over forty productions in Hollywood, Los Angeles and has performed on Broadway as a triple threat. He continues to pursue the preservation of musical theatre by nurturing young talent and wishes all the best to the seasoned and rising performers and crew in this and all future productions.


Dolf Ramos (Producer, Musical Director) As a singer, actor, musical director and composer, Dolf has succeeded in the arts for more than 20 years in numerous areas.  He currently sings and tours with the world renowned St. Charles of Borromeo Choir.  As a musical director, he has directed Godspell, Into the Woods, Fire on the Water, Cabaret and Lovers’ Mayhem.  Dolf holds a B.A. in Music from Loyola Marymount University and a Masters in Business from the University of Phoenix.


Michael Mullen (Costumes) is happy to be journeying into the woods with this fun group of people. He likes to think of himself as a costume and fashion designer, a writer, and an actor although some people may just think of him as a gay guy with a severe case of A.D.D. who can't decide what he really wants to do. Michael holds a degree from U.S.C.'s School Of Theatre and a fashion design degree from The Fashion Institute of Design And Merchandising. He has costumed, acted in, and written several projects here in L.A. God help you if you saw any of the early ones- oh wait, no one did. He hopes to continue spending his time here on earth being creative, learning, trying good foods, watching all the ABC soaps (they're so good), and putting a smile on peoples' ever aging faces. He wishes to thank his parents for all of their support and Marco and Dolf for the opportunity...and the budget to play dress up in the woods...oh yeah and Costume World- they rock a big one!!!! 


Maria de los Angeles “Cuca” Esteves (Sound Design) has a Piano and Music Education degree from Buenos Aires, Argentina, a Composition degree from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, the Netherlands, and an MFA in Creative Writing/Playwright from UC Riverside. Her sound design credits include "The Roman Forum" (Beall Center 2003), the music for "The Breast Cancer Monologues" (NPR 2003),"Demotic" (Beall Center 2004 and The Baltimore Theater Project 2006),  "Simply Maria" (Casa 101 2006) and the sound and music for her own multimedia piece "Identidad" (UCR 2006).


ANDRES MIRANDA  (Stage Manager) This is Andres' third show as a Stage Manager at The Met. This is his first time working on a musical. Recent credits include Chicago Club Rumboogie and Still Waiting for Lefty. Go Dodgers!


Louis Trent (Lighting Design) graduated from UARTS in Philadelphia with a BFA in Theater. Since then he has taken up the technical side of theater designing lights, assistant directing, and stage managing for DOMA Theater Co. Trent is also currently the lead singer of a hard rock band, tHe CoNStAnT, which is about to release their second album. For more info go to


Kai Cofer (Set design). "Into the Woods" marks Kai's first show with DOMA. Originally from the Wahington D.C. area, Kai spent a decade as the artistic director of Adventure Theatre, in Glen Echo, Maryland. He moved to L.A. seven years ago, and has designed shows for Group Rep. in Burbank, Elate, in Studio City and Theatre Americana, in Altadena.


Anthony Treschi (Casting Director) Mr. Treschi has worked in the entertainment industry for over twenty-one years.  He now leads a rapidly developing talent management company, which caters to private events and shows.  He will be seeking submissions in the upcoming year.   If interested, please send submissions to


Autumn Nicks (Rehearsal Accompanist) Autumn Nicks currently resides in Woodland Hills California.  She plays for the children's choir at Valencia United Methodist Church and lends her vocal skills to various choirs through out the greater Los Angeles area during the year as she pursues other dreams.  She has had extensive experience in piano accompaniment as well as performance.   Most recently, she has used her talents at UCLA's summer music theatre camps, accompanying students from all over the world as they develop their own musical skills.